Global Youth Service Day is going to be better than ever this year!
Date: Saturday, April 21, 2018
Use this application to register your project for GYSD this year through Arlington Alliance for youth.
Name of School or Organization that is sponsoring your project:

Name of Youth Group: *

Adult Leader's Name: *

{{answer_15511587}}'s Phone Number *

Youth Leader's Name *

{{answer_15511627}}'s Phone Number: *

What is the title of your project? *

Please provide a brief description of your project: *

What is the location of your project? *

What is the time of day that your project will be completed on GYSD? *

How many youth will be participating in your project? *

Do you have formal permission to do your project from the agency or organization that you wish to help? *

Does your group have the funds to complete your own project? *

I agree to submit the required completion report data by the Data Day shown on the website. *

Does your group plan to raise additional funds from the community? *

Are you working with another group that has already signed up?

i.e. Carson Cares and Arlington High School are working together to complete one task.
Do you have a nominee for the Arlington Youth Service Member of the Year? If so, what is their name?

What is the nominee's Age Level?

Will your group enter the "Best Service Project of the Year" Contest *

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